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Cub Scout Tanner Godfrey recently made history. He was the first person to place a flag on the grave of Moses Martin. For those unfamiliar with this name, Moses and his family were the first permanent settlers in what would become Pittsfield. He had never been recognized as a veteran here until this year, the bicentennial year of the town that became his home. As a 19 year old, Martin served as a private in Colonel Samuel McCobb's regiment in the Massachusetts line and was involved in the Penobscot Expedition in 1779. When this information was recently discovered, it was determined that an American Revolution flag holder and flag should be placed on his grave. With the annual placement of flags on veterans' graves just before Memorial Day by local Scouts, Moses joined the other 472 veterans in Village Cemetery to be so recognized and Tanner was the one to do the honor.
Cub Scout Tanner Godfrey

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