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The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District (PCSWCD) honored Alexandra Conover Bennett for the Outstanding Educator of the Year award at the East Sangerville Grange Farm-To-Table Supper on Friday, September 7th. She was recognized for her exceptional work over the years in natural resource ecology and education. The evening was serenaded by the band ‘Timberdoodle,’ which consisted of two Board Members from PCSWCD, the gorgeous meal was locally sourced from surrounding farms and volunteers of the East Sangerville Grange created the delicious menu that was served for the sold-out evening. As guests finished their entrees, the Executive Director, Sarah Robinson awarded Alexandra for her impressive background and recent work as an adjunct faculty for College of the Atlantic, teaching students “Traditional Outdoor Skills” in Piscataquis County. Maine Representative, Paul Stearns and Senator Paul Davis provided Alexandra with sentiments to mark the occasion. For more information on the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award given to Alexandra Conover Bennett or any other PCSWCD event, program or workshop, follow on facebook or contact us at (207) 564-2321 extension 3, PCSWCD Honors Alexandra Conover Bennett for Outstanding Educator of the Year.