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The Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis and Hometown Health Center sponsored a tee-shirt design contest for the 4th graders at Ridge View Community School. The presentation of winners were announced on Wednesday, May 29th at Ridge View Community School and the winner received and new bicycle. The Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis Family Safety Day and Bike Rodeo was held on Saturday, June 1st.
The following are pictured from left to right: Penny Townsend (Hometown Health), Baylee Packard (winner of the design), Grace Jiang (2nd place), Daisy Perkins (3rd place), Waverly Rich (4th place) and Angel Quick (Skowhegan Savings and Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis Family Safety Day and Bike Rodeo Co-Chair).

The Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis Family Safety Day and Bike Rodeo was held on Saturday, June 1st. There were 22 children attending. The Kiwanians, Key Clubbers, Police Dept., Fire Dept., Skowhegan Savings Bank all participated in making this a successful event. The winners of the bicycle raffle were: Richard Bennett and Morgan Andrews.

Abbey Jordan, from Dexter, graduated from Bucknell University on Sunday, May 19th. Located in Lewisburg, Pa., Bucknell University is a highly selective private liberal arts university that offers majors in the arts, engineering, humanities, management, and social and natural sciences, along with broad opportunities outside of class, to its 3,600 undergraduates. Graduate programs are available in select disciplines. For more information visit
Nokomis Regional High have announced their 3rd Quarter Honor Roll for the 2018-2019 school year.
SENIORS: Emily Elwell, Kaylee Hicks, and Alyssa Stankevitz.
JUNIOR: Minh Le.
SOPHOMORES: Nancy Dauphinais and Paula Dauphinais.
FRESHMEN:  Casey Crockett.
SENIORS: Erica Allen, Hannah Armstrong, Zachary Bridges, Chance Graves, Phenyx Hatch, Davina Lederman, Loagyn Moore, Tyler Pelletier, Max Sands, Alfonso Vazquez-Justus, Hannah West
Juniors:  Abigail Bagley, Maille Baker, Grady Berry, Riley Bridges, Calista Bucklin, Lauren Burke, Taylor Crocker, Dylan Gray, Lia Herrick, Law Hinkley, Madison Ivory, Lucas Leighton, Brandon McDougal, Sierra Robichaud, Amber Smith, Anna Welch, and Raegan Williams.
SOPHOMORES:  Lauryn Anderson, Samantha Bagley, Erin Beane, Nicholas Blethen, Joshua Burnette, Ashton Caron, Sarah Cole, Jaycee Cook, Lindsay Cote, Matthew Day, Makayla Doherty, Alexys Dow, MacKenzie Johnson, Amanda King, Lukas Krahn, Ashly Nyman, Lilian Parks and Zain Richard.
FRESHMEN: Kassidy Brewer, Autumn Chabot, Jordyn Condon, Ethan Cote, Owen Fitts, Hunter Flagg, Faith Foster, James Green, Michaela Hawthorne, Mason Hopkins, Brayden House, Cali Kellem, Darylin LaCroix, Andrew Leali, Kymberlin Meservey, Bradley Moore, Noelle O'Reilly, Jayden Parker, Camper Primero, Rylee Robinson, Marcus Robitaille, Molly Simmons, Zoe Stankevitz, Melissa Walker, Kaitlyn Williams,  and Miles Worster.
SENIORS: Mekayla Adams, Alexis Allard, Anastasia Allen, Silas Billings, James Boyd, Mikayla Bussell, Makenzie Cooney, Mya Crate, Alyssa Ellis, Andrew Gallagher, Gwenith Grignon, Andrew Haining, Kaylee Lancaster, Ashley Lary, Rebekah Leadbetter, Jade Lord, Cameron Newman, Samual Peacock, Shane Vanadestine, Seth Woodard
JUNIORS:  Jamie Bolstridge, Jayden Brooks, Mallory Cogswell, Madelyn Coston, Marian Easton, Joshua Grozik, Cade Kreider, Misael Landron, Nicholas Lincoln, Cody Marquis, Taylor McCracken, Colby Morin, Myah Reed, Dakota Savage, Onica Stratton, Jewel Welch, and Meagan Whitten.
SOPHOMORES:  Julianne Bragg, Worachot Chitprasert, Trinity Farrar, Thomas McCaw, Robert Parks, Marissa Scholten and Rachel Wilcox.
FRESHMEN: Hannah Bradley, Cody Chretien, Brian Cleaves, Joseph Cote, Lucien Dube, Luca Giordano, Dominick Gould, Olivia Harmon, Andrea Kondax, Zoe Lawler, Hannah Lessner, Taryn Lofton, Autumn Lovering, Justin Nicholson, Hannah Pease, Madison Randlett, Allie Rice, Carter Rice, Christopher Shoot and  Shawn Thompson.