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Dexter Regional High School would like to announce that the following students have been selected by the faculty as "Students of the Month" for the month of October 2017. Pictured from left to right: Grade 9 - Olivia Peakes; Grade 10 -Logan Perkins; Grade 11 - Kaylee Deering; and Grade 12 - Anthony Santos.
The Terrific Kids awards ceremony for December was held at Ridge View Community School on Monday, December 4th. The 8 students for this month were honored for attaining their goals by Jerry Kiesman, the principal. They received a certificate and tokens from the Dexter Kiwanians. 
Recipients of the Terrific Kids Award pictured from back left to right: Xander Lewis, Adalea Gudroe, Shelby Sinclair. Middle left to right: Elijah Burns, Myalynn Curtis. Front left to right: Alexis Fogg, Madison LaGross, Isaac Allen.
Join the Piscatquis Community High School (PCHS) Drama Club for a winter play in the auditorium at PCHS located at 9 Campus Drive in Guilford. The drama club will be performing a Victorian play called, “The Haunted House” by Charles Dickens. This is a really nice play about human kindness, suitable for all ages. The curtain goes up at 2 PM on Saturday, December 16th. There will also be a bake sale and raffle to benefit the drama club taking place during the event.
Nokomis Regional High has announced the First Quarter Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 school year. Nokomis Regional High is located at 266 Williams Road in Newport.
SENIORS: Aren Herrick and Jazmyn McLain.
JUNIORS: Emily Elwell.
FRESHMEN: Lindsay Cote, Nancy Dauphinais, Paula Dauphinais and Ashly Nyman.
SENIORS: Kailey Bell, Jacob Bergeron, Erin Bessey, Britney Bubar, Michael Connors, Isaiah Crocker, Chelsea Crockett, Aubre Culver, Kathryn DeNicola, Samantha DiMauro, Alice Donaldson, Joshua Emery, Siara Huskey, Audrey Kimball, Austin Leighton, Sophia Littlefield, Dylan Melanson, Hanna Meservey, Emily Nyman, Jackson Peck, Joshua Perry, Colby Pinette, Gary Pitcher, Autumn Quimby, Talon Randall, Lauren Roberts, Mya Rogers, Logan Rowell, Brandon Rush, Joshua Smestad, Isaac Thibodeau, Sierra Thomas, and Katlynn Vance.
JUNIORS: Hannah Armstrong, Collin Bowman, Emily Burnette, John Cash, Tre Ewings, Gwenith Grignon, Andrew Haining, Kaylee Hicks, Noah Hoyt, Cameron Newman, Abigail Quimby, Amber Rowe, MaKenzie Sands, Riley Savage, Remington Shaw, Emily Strout and Gabriel Teska.
SOPHOMORES: Demika Anderson, Maille Baker, Grady Berry, Beau Briggs, Jayden Brooks, Madison Bubar, Calista Bucklin, Lauren Burke, Caitlyn Gallagher, Jacob Hawthorne, Lia Herrick, Cody Marquis, Zoe Morris, Alison Murphy, Cassidie Newhall, Calvin Peck, Myah Reed, Jaylee Rice, Macy Salls, Manuel Veara and Meagan Whitten.
FRESHMEN: Erin Beane, Hailey Blanchard, Nicholas Blethen, Cayley Bowman, Jordan Boyd, Julianne Bragg, Joshua Burnette, Ashton Caron, Trevor Chase, Sarah Cole, Cassandra Croce, Matthew Day, Riley Donovan, Alexys Dow, Trinity Farrar, Kelsey Fowler-Greene, Brody Gray, Allison Grozik, Elizabeth Holt, MacKenzie Johnson, Amanda King, Donovan Kurt, Thomas McCaw, Dominic Meservey, Alexis Newton, Robert Parks, Cheyenne Robbins, Sierra Ross, Nicholas Rzycki, Cole Sawyer, Marissa Scholten, Kadence Small, Samuel Tierney and Zander Ysewyn.
SENIORS: Brandon Bemis, Hayden Black, Evan Braley, Kourtney Bryant, Cheyenne Bryden, Autumn Chipman, Sara Cookson, Paul Cuchelo, Nathaniel Erskine, Andrew Gallagher, Alex Glidden, Mariah Gould, Cody Hawthorne, Maxwell Kelby, Alexandra Kelley, Megan Murphy, Sarah Osman, Emily Pratt, Kobey Ramsdell, Nicholas Ramsdell, Samantha Ramsey, Makayla Raymond, Dale Robbins, Jayme Seward, Carter Shaw, Taylor Soule, Xavier Stratton, Caitlyn Tasker and Dillon Williams.
JUNIORS: Alexis Allard, James Boyd, Garrett Burke, Makenzie Cooney, Alexander Costedio, Chance Graves, Riley Herrick, Madison Hopkins, Maci Leali, Davina Lederman, Chandler McPherson, Loagyn Moore, Katelyn Morse, Sean Osman, Samual Peacock, Kaleb Ross, Jaime Skinner, Alyssa Stankevitz, Dana Tasker and Morgan Wooldridge.
SOPHOMORES: Abigail Bagley, Jordan Barnard, Jamie Bolstridge, Jillian Bowden, Taylor Crocker, Alexis Curtis, Marian Easton, Haylee Hustus, Paige Idol, Madison Ivory, Lucas Leighton, Jordan Mitchell, Gabriel Rockwell and Amber Smith.
FRESHMEN: Lauryn Anderson, Destinie Beasley, Cheyenne Clark, Isabelle Cyr, Savannah Davis, Makenzy Elderkin, Tiana Evans, Kyla Gallant, Harley Grignon, Emily Henry, Ryan Lane, Sean Marble, Alexys Mayhew, Nicholas Pease, Zain Richard, Molly Stratton, Rachel Wilcox and Samantha Wilson.
Piscataquis Community Secondary School’s Principal John Keane has announced the First Quarter Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 school year. The school is located on 9 Campus Drive in Guilford.
SENIORS: Hannah Bagley, Corinne Rebman and Maia Shahin.
FRESHMEN: Colby Chadwick, Justin Lonergan, Sarah Richards, Mackenzie Shaw and Hunter Simon.
SOPHOMORES: Melissa Burdin, Madelynn Crosby, Caitlin Drinkwater, Samuel Maines and Macee Pearl.
JUNIORS: Rachel Beckwith and Jennifer Simon.
SENIORS: Adam Bagley, Lena Downes, Matthew Griffith, Alexandra Huff, Bailey Lemieux, Makayla McKenzie, Abri Roberts, Tatianna Rogers, Lexi Rowell, Erin Speed, Cali Turner and Amaya White.
FRESHMEN: Cassie Chambers, Joel Champlin, Isaiah Conary and Louise Gerickont.
SOPHOMORES: David Armstrong, Megan Beckwith, Vincent Brown, Gwenyth Burgess, Chelsea Cookson, Ariona Gerry, Zachary Hewitt, Emily Hinrichs, Taylor McCracken, Megan McLaughlin, Olivia Riitano and Mya Young.
JUNIORS: Ethan Chadwick, Nicholas Hutchins, Brooke Kujawski, Ashley Nanney, Alison Quimby and Zachary Wilson.
SENIORS: Trevon Baird, Braydon Desmarais, Bailey Elderkin, Tylla Gosselin, David Session, Cameron Kane, Terri-Anne Perigo and Zackarey Soucy.