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Jane Irish, BA, LADC and MaryAnn Combs, BS, LADC will be opening a new substance abuse counseling practice, Your Recovery Opportunity (YRO), in Milo. YRO will work with local medial providers who prescribe medication for substance abuse disorders by offering the counseling piece, helpiing patients achieve a successful recovery. There will be 1-hour indiviudal counseling sessions, and treatment recovery goups with 15 or less group members, each running about 1.5 hours with a maximum of three groups per day, offered in the morning, mid and late afternoon. Your Recovery Opportunity is located at 38 Elm Street in Milo. For more information contact email: or contact 943-9113.
Grace Street Recovery Services, a privately held opiod use disorder treatment program has recently opened the first Medication Assisted Residential Recovery Residence in Lewiston. There will be an open house on Friday, June 30th from 1 to 6 PM. The facility is located at 88 Oxford Street in Lewiston. For more information contact 333-3232.
World Heritage International is looking for American families to host high school students from Eurasia. If you are interested in learning more about the program visit
The Town of Skowhegan’s Run of River Committee has received a $15,000 grant from the Davis Conservation Foundation for the Run of River Whitewater Recreation Area. Run of River will be a whitewater recreation area in and around the Kennebec River Gorge in downtown Skowhegan. It will include a whitewater park; an expanded and developed network of four-season, non-motorized trails; a riverfront promenade; pristine fishing waters with improved fish habitat; and a boathouse/events center. A strategic community development project, Run of River is designed to diversify Skowhegan’s economy, spur business development and tourism, improve citizens’ health and wellness, engage local youth, and transform Skowhegan into a more vibrant cultural center. The Run of River Committee is fundraising for the recreation area in three phases. With the Town of Skowhegan reserving $1.4 million for whitewater park construction, the committee has reached 25 percent of its goal for phase one and is now seeking grant funds and private donations. For more information about the project, see