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Local fairs and festivals have been a Maine tradition since 1819, when the very first Maine Agricultural Fair was held in Skowhegan. Since then, no other venue has had the power to bring communities together. Whether it’s the North American Pow-Wow, St. Albans Summerfest, or Maine Farm Days, attending one or more of these gatherings during the summer will provide an opportunity for meeting and greeting your neighbors, reconnecting with long lost friends, and forming new friendships. Often times, those new friendships begin with a mere smile and hello. Maine communities prepare all year long, with the help from hundreds of volunteers, including area businesses, organizations and members of the community as they fundraise and organize to ensure the fair or festival is a successs. Fairs and festivals represent the BEST of “small town America”, and showcases what rural life here in Maine has to offer. Attendees may experience anything from livestock demonstrations to live entertainment. They can participate in amusement park rides, sample different foods, play games, but most importantly create lasting memories. Take a look at the “tentative” list of this summer’s special celebrations being held in the local area and across the state. Mark your calendars today. As you know Maine summers are short and you don’t want to miss a minute of what this great state has to offer. Have an amazing summer everyone!

Piscataquis River Festival, Guilford..... July 29th
Bangor State Fair, Bangor..... July 28th - August 6th
Northern Maine Fair, Presque Isle..... July 28th - August 5th


Skowhegan Riverfest, Skowhegan..... August 2nd - 5th
1st Annual Riverwalk Festival, Newport...... August 5th
Monmouth Fair, Monmouth..... August 2nd - 5th
Shire Town Homecoming, Dover-Foxcroft..... August 5th
Topsham Fair, Topsham..... August 6th - 13th
Skowhegan State Fair, Skowhegan..... August 10th - 19th
Greenville Forest Heritage Days, Greenville..... August 11th - 12th
Maine Red Hot Dog Festival, Dexter..... August 12th
Machias Wild Blueberry Festival, Machias..... August 18th - 20th
Maine Farm Days, Clinton..... August 23rd - 24th
American Folk Festival, Bangor..... August 25th - 27th
Union Fair, Union..... August 19th - 26th
Piscataquis Valley Fair, Dover-Foxcroft..... August 24th - 27th
Acton Fair, Acton..... August 24th - 27th

Windsor Fair, Windsor..... August 27th - Sept. 4th
Blue Hill Fair, Blue Hil.....l August 30th - Sept. 4th

Springfield Fair, Springfield..... September 1st - 5th
North Country Pow-Wow, Newport..... September 2nd - 4th
Harmony Free Fair, Harmony..... September 1st - 4th
Clinton Lions Agricultural Fair, Clinton..... September 7th - 10th
Greenville Seaplane Fly-In, Greenville..... September 7th - 10th
Litchfield Fair, Litchfield..... September 7th - 10th
Oxford County Fair, Oxford..... September 8th - 10th
New Portland Lion’s Fair, New Portland..... September 15th - 16th
Farmington Fair, Farmington..... September 17th - 23rd
Common Ground Fair, Unity..... September 22nd - 24th
Cumberland Fair, Cumberland..... September 24th - 30t

Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg..... October 1st - 8th