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The Sebasticook Valley Health Activities Coordinators work hard to keep patients interested and involved in daily activities. They plan, implement and monitor wellness and recreation programs to meet the specific needs of residents. Often times offering programs and scheduling events that encourage engagement and socialization to help support high quality of life for residents. These programs and events are designed to keep residents engaged in their own health care plan during their hospital stay, which will lift their spirits and motivate them to stay invested in their own health. In addition to a daily brain buster and word search, the following list of activities are planned for the week of Monday, June 26th through Friday, June 30th. Monday, June 26th - Velvet Art; Tuesday, June 27th - Let’s Go Outside; Wednesday, June 28th - Outside Games; Thursday, June 29th - Patients Choice; Friday, June 30th- Music with Kailey and Tabyr at 3 PM.