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alex bisset
Chelmsford / Hartland
Always look forward to Monday morning deliveries, THANK YOU.
Love the Paper, you all doing a great job.
morris michaud
i love reading papper every morning with my coffee thank you all for giveing us a chance of reading rolling thunder every week.
sean law
I actually lived there for a bit. I live in Decatur,Illinois I luv it there fished everyday for the years there. I just want to say I miss Sherri Swain and her family!!! God bless them all and looking forward to coming back soon ty
Norma Mattos
Somerville, MA
We have had a place on Echo Lake, Dexter for 26 years. Now we reside there 6 months out of the year. We are happy that we can still read the comings and goings online until we go back next spring.
Anna M.
Boston & Sangerville
My primary residence is Boston. I have owned a home in Sangerville for 23 years. I spend as much time there as possible. I LOVE MAINE! Mainers are very special people. I always look forward to reading the Rolling Thunder Express. It is my favorite Maine newspaper, and it's FREE. I especially enjoy Hocus Focus and the crossword.
David Oliver
Was in Palmyra, Maine in June this year. First time I've been back the for many years. Was born in Camp Benson, Newport in 1951. First moved to St Petersburg in 1985. I miss Maine and the beautiful state
12/12/12 How odd is that, thanks for a great paper.
And now we get to call Central Maine our home! By far one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. This is home!
Julian Wilbur
Altoona fl.
I graduated from Hartland Academy 1939 enjoy your paper.
Ken Scheyder
Westford MA
I continue to enjoy your on-line version of the Rolling Thunder Express. I grew up down here in MA but have covered a lot of northern Maine though the years. I have enjoyed the outdoors sometimes being lost and sometimes being not so lost. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Darrell Getchell
Oklahoma City, Ok
Enjoy your on-line version of the Rolling Thunder Express. I left Palmyra/Hartland 51 years ago to join tha Air Force, but my heart will always be in central Maine. My wife and I will be visiting family members and Hartland for a couple weeks in late August/early September. Hope to see as many old friends and relatives as possible in that short time.
I look forward to getting this paper every week, and updating news.. wish you would of had more info and pictures of the pig scramble in Dexter...
jack tucker
Canterbury ct.
Looking forward to next years egg thingy and getting my hair cut again. great time.
Ken Allen
Farmington, NY
I was thinking of Bill Zechmann and my thoughts went to the Rolling Thunder Ball cap that he gave me. I wanted to visit the newspaper and see about life in the great North.
Just checking up on "home" news...
Leon and Sheila

Just wana let you all know at The Rolling Thunder Express it's been great Receiving papers weekly and FREE !! that's the best part as i drink my coffee in the mornings cuddle up to my Wonderful Woman Sheila and the 2 cats Ally And Angel they both enjoy the paper as well after we read them they lie on it as a bed for themselves well we all say thank-you very much for the community we live and work in God bless

Leon&Sheila..Ally and angel
Like Derek said before me....Can't wait to call central Maine home! Hope you all enjoyed the picture from the week of 9/12.
Hope one day I can call central Maine my home! For now, I will be making several trips up on the weekends, miss that fresh air already.
Lawrence Burleigh
Thank you to all my friends, neighbors and family that recognized my 98th birthday after seeing it published in the Rolling Thunder. It was very special. Thank you.
El Paso, TX
Love reading this paper, a sound reminder of home.
enjoy looking at your paper online
Evelyn Dellutri
New York City
Fun summer and fresh lobster
Danielle Mitchell
Panama City, FL
Love this paper, it is good to catch up with my hometown news.
alex bisset
5/2/11 Life is good in Hartland but visitors to Maine need to remember they are on Maine time.
Julianne Peakes
St. Albans
Took the chance to see if you were online and you are! Should have looked a long time ago. Thanks for being here.
amy F
Thanks for posting my ad in your classifieds!!!
William and Lois Vacanti
(children Matt and Katie)
We USED to live in Garland. We were trying to build a home there. We currently live in Phoenix.
This is a kid that loves anything!
George Patten
Am now 82 and planning to move to Maine in 2011 with daughter and son-in-law. Hopefully in Rolling Thunder territory.
Sandra Matthews
Thank you Rolling Thunder for the 25 years of keeping us updated on the happenings in our home towns. No matter where we travel, come Wednesday and it's time to read the Rolling Thunder and catch up on the latest. Thank you!
Great to see I can still read the rolling thunder weekly. I grew up in pittsfield and enjoyed getting the thunder every monday..its nice to keep up with home town news.Keep up the good work!
Rhode Island
I would like to thank Steve Carpenteri for his thoughts in the All Outdoors columns. Every week you take me back to my place in the woods of Newport. thank you Steve!
Mike Pomeroy
High Point,N.C.
I keep this paper bookmarked and check in often. It's a great connection to my old home town area. I love to check your local temperature often on the site. Keep up the good work.
Eric Williams
Clayton, DE
Grew up in Newport. Enjoy the Thunder
Rod Schoenbacher
boerne texas
always like keeping in touch with dexter and surrounding areas through the rolling thunder online issue i also miss getting uncle henrys every thursday rolling thunder editor keep up the good work say hello to dexter maine i sure do miss the good times i had there wish i could live them over again your friend in christ Rod Schoenbacher 7606 Mission Point Boerne Texas 78015
Alex Bisset
Steve Carpenteris column "All Outdoors" is always enjoyable.
Dan Lawrence
I used to live in Athens and picked up a rolling thunder religously every monday,since moving to Bingham i don't get one as often,what a great paper and it's free and what a paper it is and i miss it. Thanks to you all for a great paper.
Mike Thurston
Carrollton, Ohio
I love this paper. I left Newport in 1960.
April Jones
Saint Albans
hey nikki my email is shygirl04953@yahoo.com ...lol i miss u...o ya rolling thunder great job az always
down by the ocean
To my three children, I am so proud of each and every one of you. keep up the good work. I love you.
Nichole Smith
Nashua NH
I look forward to reading this every Monday, wish I was back home to get it. April you need to send me your email address so we can chat, hello to everyone!!!!
Joyce McCabe
N.Vancouver B.C. Canada
I got your address when my niece ask on internet if anyone new the song Riding Down from Bangor and she got a reply from John McDonald with this e-mail address. We, my sister and I were trying to remember the words for decades! We learned it when we were at camp when about 9 or 10. we are now 80! Was great, we had given up hope!!! Nice to read all your news. Thanks
Kristen Breitweg
citrus springs
I saw on google the name Breitweg come up. My father-in-law had a son in Germany a very long time ago, my guess is about 45-50 years back maybe more, or less, only a guess. As he passed away years back. I am just wondering if you would have any more info. on this. He left 4 children (adults now) I am his second oldest son's wife. Gustave Robert (Bob) Breitweg was his name. I do not have a lot of info, but I will say, Bob never ever lied to me.
He was rough around the edges, but always his best w/ me.
Can you help?
~Kristen Breitweg
Around Town ;)
Rolling Thunder rocks my socks! LOVES it!
Saint Albans
wow..its been a long time since i been on this site but great job...always such a great paper
Our house awaits for the Rolling Thunder Express! To be updated on the local news. Your paper touches on the real stuff that affects the town's people.
Keep up the good job and thank you
G. & I. Roberts
Millard Eric Williams
Clayton, DE 19938
Really enjoy seeing so many names I know. Graduated Newport High 1958. Grew up on the Williams Rd by Nokomis High School. Thank you for your Web.
David Howe
Willimantic, Ct
Always nice to review your site and read about news from Maine.

betty dodge
lincoln me
i wish you come up lincoln way so we can get the free roller thunder express. we like to look at it every week. i miss the new and read the clsssifield ads. thank you
Robin Libby
Bar harbor
I was a 1979 Graduate from Nokomis! I miss Newport,how it used to be!!
Have a great day!! Keep up the good work at "The Rolling Thunder Express!!
Honey Rae Mulhearn
I think this paper is great. It gets all of the local news just towns way out side of the range of our communities.
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