Rolling Thunder Express Guestbook
Joanne Towne Perkins
Oswego, NY
Hi nice site grew up in Newport have a few friends left there. Hi to Fran A & Bud and Mike and Pat Grass!!!
Kevin Desmond
New Jersey
Looking for cabin rental on Great Moose lake. A very special and beautiful area you live in.
Joanne Towne Perkins
Hi to all my friends in the Newport area. Great site, saw my friend Marcia signed the guest book. Hi to Pat & Mike Grass!
great website, good job...
Alden Schmitz
Bellevue, Nebraska
My wife, Corinne (Weed), and I grew up in Corinna in the 40s and 50s and we will be visiting in Maine next week. We hope to meet some of our old friends while we are there..Please feel free to e-mail us..

Connie Toce
Middleburg, FL
Great paper, Hello family!
Jennie Hart
read the paper every week
Annette Watrous
Haynesville, Maine
Great to see you online. I just moved to the famous Haynesville Woods, and I just wouldn't feel at home without being able to read your paper every week. Thanks and good luck.
Bob Perry Jr.
Atlanta, GA
I Grew up in Plymouth And Moved away to the Big City Hey to anybody that might know me and to those who dont! It is nice to have a The Thunder online, or as thy say in the city "Was glad to lay my peeps on your dizzot com.
Kay Gray
Great picture from Melissa White at the Women's Vietnam Memorial.
Ron and Jan
Steep Falls, Maine
We own a camp in Etna and really enjoy your paper when we are up at camp. Glad to see you online.
Hi! Great website! It's very easy to navigate... I found what I was looking for! Thanks!
I like the online edition of the rolling thunder it was a great idea. Especially for the people that don't live in a big town that the rolling thunder delivers to!!!
Lewis & Dorothy Neal
St. Albans, Maine
We enjoy the Rolling Thunder. You all have a great summer. Keep up the good work.
Alan Goodridge
Cape Coral, Fl.
Hi! Enjoying the news from Newport. Will be home soon
Jim Surra
San Antonio, Texas
I've been in Texas three years, and I've kept up on the news from the Rolling Thunder Express Online. I'm coming back home now, and just want to thank you for being that link to home that kept me going while I was here!
Nice Web Page. Well done. Thanks.
Pat & Elmer Pearl
Lady Lake, Florida
Great to get some hometown news, Thanks!
Amy B. Beem
I enjoy getting the Rolling Thunder each week to see what's up or look for our town information. I've used it many times to search for business numbers rather than looking in the phone book. It's quite handy.
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