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Nellie Andrews Rudder
San Diego, California
I was born & raised in the Newport area and enjoy reading your paper online, as I plane to retire in (or close to) Newport within the next 2 years.
Bertina Weymouth
Nantucket, Ma
My husband was born and brought up in Newport, Warren Weymouth 1928.
Enjoyed the paper. Tina Weymouth
dallas georgia
way to go
Jeff Ochs
Hi Kim. Hope this finds you
Tampa, Florida
I love keeping up with the happenings, and like seeing whats going on with my peers from Class of 1997...weddings, child births, etc.
thanks for a great paper and website.
Hi we have a home in Maine but are from Little Rhody too. Everytime we come to Maine I stop in at the local store to pick up a copy of the Rolling Express but they are always out. This is great to see online--no more searching the local stores when I come to town.
Albert Stawasz
Caribou, Maine
Nice to see what Newport has to offer, as I will be moving to that area soon.
Shelley Martin (Rockwell)
Thanks for being online; My father lives in Marietta, GA, grew up in Newport, and keeps up with local news every single week.
Louise savoy
Great to have this on line. The canaan superette burned down and that is where I used to get the paper.I really enjoy the rolling thunder! Thanks
joann stitham owen
lakeland, florida
sure miss living in around newport, i would like email friends. i always get the rolling thunder when i am up there.
Ken Neary
Ojai, California
Great time looking at your newspaper on the other side of the U.S.A. Thanks for the fun. Say hello to Sylvia and THANKS............ Ken
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E Waterboro
Hi, First I found the Daily Me. web site and now Rolling Thunder. Having grown up in Dover-Foxcroft, it is so great to keep up on things back home. Thanks for a great site!!!!
Patricia M Burdin
Shively, In Louisville KY.
I am origanly from Pittsfield Maine.And I read the Rolling Thunder Newspaper every week.And I am happy to say I can still read it on line.
Alfred Philbrick
Hi to everyone up there. Finding the Thunder online is I hope going to be a great benefit to me in my research of the Cookson,Hamilton,Corson families. Anyone who is interseted please send me a email. I would appreciatre all the help I can get.Al
If anyone knows how to contact Tim Reazor, I need him to email me.
Janet Rezendes
Virginia Beach, VA
I was just looking for some news from my home town and I missed the Rolling Thunder so I decided to check this out. Nice Job.
Dan Clark
Newport, ME.
This is a great site and will enjoy it very much!
amy somers
just wanted to know if anyone has the same last name is me, wanting to find any one who was related to me. feel free to email me. :@
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