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Linnette Tuttle
McDonough, GA
I love reading about home, keep up the good work R.T!
will and rachel shaw
Great Paper
Stephen D Gourley
Abbot Village Maine
To all the people i lost over the 20 yr span like my father,my mother,and my oldest brother and my step uncle Chucky Rollins i realy miss you all.
Rick Wesley
Savannah, Georgia
Good to read about Newport and Nokomis. Grad. 1972
Preston Willey
Haines City, Florida
It was great to see some news from back home. Haven't been there for years but have fond memories. I graduated from Nokomis, Class of '80. Would like to hear from you.
Rachel Stephenson
Birmingham, AL
I still have fond memories of living in Newport, back in '75-'76. A high temperature of -1F during a 30-day period still comes to mind.
Myrna (Brewer) Davis
Bangor, Me
Just found this website! It's great I am a graduate of M.C.I 1982. Iuse to read tis paper all the time. But you can't get it in Bangor. Now I can. Thanx!
Dana Baldwin
Missing Maine and especially Sangerville.
Mike Pomeroy
I really appreciate this site.Being origionally from Hartland.I can stay up on the "goings on" from back home. Keep up the great work.
chris veysey
raymond ,N.H.
it is cool being able keep up with news up home
Paul Bianchi Jr
Jim Nobile is my Hero! If you bump into him say hello for me...
alex bisset
I really enjoy keeping in touch with Maine during my absence. Maine is the way life should be.
Pittsfield Me
Jan Starbird
West Nyack, NY
I spent my summers in Lisbon Falls Maine on my grandmother's "Farm". At 53 I still do miss it!
Spring Hill, Florida
I love being able to know the local news. I grew up in Burnham, and miss it. I hope everyone had a happy New Year!
David Howe
Willimantic, Ct
Many thanks to the Rolling Thunder Express again as I just read a message from my cousin Leona Howe.
Joe and Beth (Morse) Nason
La Mesa, California
Hi to Everyone!! Once again we are checking in and are so thankful for the wonderful job that you all do keeping us informed with the happenings in Maine!! We just had our first baby on Dec 1st and are looking forward to posting his birth announcement in the rolling thunder!! This is a great way for us to keep up!!

Sure miss everyone!! Looking forward to hearing from some old friends!! Feel free to email!!!

Happy New Year!!! Joe, Beth and Kaleb
Leona Howe Ohlert
City, Florida
Happy New year to all. Thanks to my niece Holly for making me aware that I could read the Rolling Thunder here in Florida.
Special thanks to you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job.
Thanks to my cousin David for the special words about my father Willis Howe. He will be missed but memories will linger for ever.
Diana (Bushey) Lindquist
Nashua, New Hampshire
I read this hometown paper every Wednesday looking for old friends in the news. Dad still is in Hartland and Mom moved from Plymouth to Brewer. It's a great way to stay connected to "home"!
Jim & Dotty Nobile
Hi Everybody,
We have completed our move from Mass. finially. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us out. From the pool and spa place who helped with our pool to Chris Peace who has done our lawn and plowed during the winter for us. The people in Pittsfield have been real friendly and helpful. We have enjoyed the move so far. Thanks again for the help everybody and we look forward to a long and happy retirement in Pittsfield.
i don't really no what to write but this is some pretty cool guest book u ppl have.well u guys should have more exciting things in ur guest book but watever it doesnt matter cuz mine is pretty awsome according to my i just wanna say hi to all my buds and that i miss u guys so much!i cant wait to see u!!!thank you all for reading my awsome message
Amanda (Tompkins) Hartford
Portland, ME
Moving back home in May 2006, looking to catch up with some old friends.
Jillian Ames
Baghdad, Iraq
Greetings from Baghdad! I only have 6 more weeks of the desert! i cannot wait to see eveyone.
David Howe
Willimantic, Ct
Passing of my Uncle Willis Howe Troy Me
I will cherrish the memories of you forever.

Dave Howe
Rick Killam
Stafford, Texas
Wanted to say hello to everyone up there. Will be returning soon and wanted to "warn" everyone. Hope everyone is doing well and can honestly say that 80 degree whether in November is not what its cracked up to.
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