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Ron Liljedahl
I've been looking for a Lloyd V. Cookson for several years and I see someone with that name has signed your guest book. Any chance you could facilitate us getting together. I have a book that I believe belongs to him and I would like to send it to him. It is a photo book I came across while with the Navy Intelligence Command about 15 years ago. Thanks for any assistance you can give.
Barbara (Tasker) Hackett
Fairfield Maine
I enjoy reading the Rolling Thunder as I went to Newport High School in the early fiftys. Always hoping to see old school mates. And Maybe hearing from them thru the e-mail.
Jeff Vigue
Ridgefield, Washington
All my family still live in Hartland and Dexter. It's nice to be able to catch up on what's going on there. Where I live now reminds me of the small town I grew up in.
megan Sargent
unity ME
I have been reading the rolling thunder ever since i have learned to read. You guys do a great job, i have even been in your guy's newspaper and its framed. You guys do a fantastic job and it is really nice to have a local newspaper handy on a friday night!!
I'm from newport but i currently attend job corps in bangor..i like having the rolling thunder on-line so i can look at whats going on in my comunity..i miss looking at the paper every monday when it was dropped off.
Bonnie Hersey
Dothan, AL
My family recently moved to the heart of the South in Dothan, AL and we are so glad that we can still access the world's greatest little newspaper! We miss having it on our front steps every Monday! My husband Steve was born in Hartland and lived a majority of his life in that area. Now we are located in another beautiful community where the birds sing in October and people PLANT pansies and petunias just before November! Cotton fields are ripe with white fluff and the peanuts are harvested for great eating.....We still miss Maine and always will (except when you all are shoveling the snow and we will be walking around in shirt sleeves) It's great to be able to see what's going on up there! Thank you Rolling Thunder for making it possible!
Ron Berry
Lexington, Ky.
My father, whom I'm never met is buried in Newport, Me. His name is Eugene Berry. Having trouble finding info on him, he died in 1977. I am coming to that area in two weeks to search for him and my real mother, whom I never met either, is buried in Lynn, Mass. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron.......
Annette Folsom Watrous
Haynesville, ME
Great to be able to see whats going on in my hometown. If you know me, feel free to e-mail me.
Joe and Beth (Morse) Nason
San Diego, California
So great to be able to catch up on the news back home. We miss Maine and its great to be able to keep up with the happenings. We really enjoy the wedding and birth announcements.
Hope all is well in the great state and hope to be there soon!!!
John withee
Thank you! for the article of me doing a Martial Arts demo,at dexter health care.
Asst. Chief R.Goodell
Etna Fire-Rescue
We have always loved your publication and valued the information within. I would like to see more features about the local area Fire Departments/EMS Services and the volunteers who work so hard to keep all of safe.
Ken Burke
My wife & I would like to send our condolences to Diane Rollins on her loss. Her husband Chuck (Ken) will be missed by us very much. We hope to see her next summer. Love, Patty & Ken Burke from Sangerville,Me. & Daytona Beach,Fl.
Ken Burke
We live in Center Pond and Daytona Beach,Fl. We were unable to get to camp this summer for the first time in 36yrs. Next year on the lake there will be a lot of partying. We miss Maine and all our friends but keep in touch with them. Love to Everyone, Ken & Patty
Anne Perkins
St. Albans
I love reading this paper every week and I look forward to getting it every week. It helps to keep me updated on whats going on around in all the towns and the local job openings. Thank You for making such a great paper every week!
Michael & Jessica Robichaud
Richmond VA
It's great to be able to read what's going on back home. Hope to hear from some familar people!
shawn brown
To everyone who new my mother Marybeth Mclaggan thank you for all the people who helped my family
Ken Scheyder
Westford, Massachusetts
Up till a few weeks ago I did not know this paper existed. The energetic David Dube got me reading it. Your paper contains some very good info. Thanks. The recent trash can turkey recepie is one we have tried out in the woods. It works quite well.
Uxbridge MA
I like this site very much. My dad lives in Maine and I like the print edition but concidering I live in Mass its difficult to get. Thanks for the good times of reading.
hi i am a 12 year old kid and i think you should have a paper for kids to write storys and people can read them.
Heather DeRaps
Born and raised in the great town of Unity. With family in Hartland, Palmyra, Pittsfield, Detroit, and Unity. I pick up the paper whenever I return home and read it here online when I can not get up that way. I love seeing what is going on in all of the towns, looking at the births and weddings for old friends. And I love the yearly list of fairs. Thanks for putting this online so those of us who have moved away can still keep in touch.
Carole Pelletier
I am looking for a lady that passed away in the last 9 months. The only name I have is Fern. She was married to a nice man for 6 years and her fatyer lived in Dexter. She lived in Newport. Could you please send me more information. I met her husban and he was such a nice man still grieving her passing. I want to send him a card and thank him for all his help.
thank you
Carole Pelletier
Love your site!! I`m orig. from Dover-Foxcroft but have family in Pittsfield. Been away many years and I miss the beauty of Maine. Hope to move back someday.
Amy H
Charlotte NC/Hartland
I am getting ready to move to Hartland and I have been reading this newspaper. It is so great to get an idea of what is going on before I move.
Jennifer Brooks
Pensacola, FL
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy being able to see your paper on line. I am from the area, and now live in Pensacola, Florida.
The only thing missing is the entertainment section. My daughter and I like to keep up on the local bands she has worked with, and see where they're playing, and what's going on at some of our favorite places.
Amy Somers
Happy Mothers' day to All us Mothers!!
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