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paula lam
goodyear, az
Coming home soon cannot wait to see everyone. Hope everyone is doing great!
Miss not getting the paper. It is nice to get to read it online. Glad to be down in Mississippi. Miss everone up there in Maine
Amy Gauvin (somers)
ATT: Breeze,

Hi, yes I am related to roy somers, he was my uncle, he has now passed away. Yes donald brouder was also related to me. He is my cousin. God rest his soul.
is there anything that I can help you with? you can email me at: amygauvin@hotmail.com. also you can find me on myspace.

if that doesnt work you may call me @ 924-5422, or you can call my mo, dj's Aunt Marie, @924-8840. I will glady like to talk to you. hope to see you soon.
Cape Coral, Fl.
January 22, 2009 5:00 am Temperature here 31 deg F
amy.. are you related to ROY SOMERS? if so please email me.. tis is DJ brodeurs ex-girlfriend. we met once at the IGA store in guilford. please do email me. thanks breeze
Daniel Hildebrandt
Nice to see Rolling Thunder Express online! My wife and I miss our home and Palmyra very much. We're in Central Asia with her family while I work for the Air Force. Times get tough in life, but you just find the good stuff and focus on that. We're expecting #3; Leah Michelle, in April. I know Elizabeth and Stella will be great big sisters! We can't wait to come home, but it'll be a while.
Thanks to Tom (pappy) Richardson for all of your help! You may not know it Pappy, but you are one-in-a-million.
Why does it say "Find at least six differences..." There are ONLY six differences in total. Saying "at least" implies that there may be more.
Henry is the best. i do his hocus focus in school.
Steve Haining
I moved from newport to hermon and no longer get the express, i miss getting the local news was so glad to find it online...thanks
well, my uncle just died last tuesday due to a car accident and i just wanted to say, i love you uncle and i miss so very much.
Munn & Siebert
Dixmont Athens
We are getting Hosed. Who else is Working 12 hour days 6 Days a week? Well if you do anything dont go to Japan and marry Japnese women or russians. I hope the wood cutting season is going good for all you boys and bag a 12 pointah for us while you are out there cutting them trees... them deer love the birch buds.
Sarah A. Nadeau
I love you Jacob Daniel Plante. My firefighting boyfriend. Steven E. Nadeau, my brother I'm very proud of you. Good Luck in the Marines. [Graduated from Parris Islands on September 26th, 2008]
Alex Bisset
Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at camp in Hartland deer hunting with my son and daughter. We always look forward to Monday mornings and the free delivery of your paper, thanks.
jack stein
This is so cool i mean i dont have any realitives in here but it is nice to know people who had died so i can one day call upon them and see if there spirits are still roaming this earth and also, so i can put there souls to rest
i can not believe all the interesting news that the rolling thunder express offers and the best part it is still free.say hi to suzanne thomas for me if you know her and see her in eastville village in newport maine.tell her i would still like to marry her but i know it will never happen on her part. all my regards newport plymouth dixmont and all my friends who used to work at eastland woolen mill in corinna. still wondering what happened to cliff higgins. read his obituary in the paper.
right now i am in school with no 4th block and there is no way for me to get home. so im doing this..i really miss the rolling thunder.
Henry and Tammy Smith
Margaret will be greatly missed in the neighborhood. Good neighbors are hard to find. Sorry we were not able to be there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
millissa pierce
i knew miss phyllis bickford that passed august 16th 2007. i worked at the home she was in shortly before she passed. she told me a had beautiful eyes. she was a wonderful woman. she always offered a smile. she loved having cold drinks left in her room. I remember her always having her special blanket. i just wanted to say i only worked with her for a short time but she passes my mind often and i miss her laugh & kindness.
Cheryl Gallant
Charlotte NC
Kassie it was good to read what you wrote here. You may not remember me but your mom will. Tell her I said hello and to you too. I can be reached at cgallant88@yahoo.com. Drop me a line and fill me in on how your both doing.
Natasha Smith
Preston Willey
Waldoboro, Me.
After living in central Florida for 26 yrs, I decided to move back to Maine. Some people might ask why? I say, "It's Home." Thanks to the Rolling Thunder as it has allowed me the ability to catch up on whats going on. If there are any of the "class of '80" out there, Please let me know.
Siebert and Munn
Hartland, Dixmont
Originally from Hartland and Dixmont Going out to get WASTED tonight at The oppai bar. Were out here in japan, Japan the country not Japan Maine.
Kassie King
Brewer, Me
I am 13 years old, and I lived in and around the Newport/Plymouth area until I was 10. When, I moved away I felt very seperated, and lonely. Whenever I feel that way I like to pick up a copy of the Rolling Thunder Express. It tells me about things going on, and I feel more connected again. Thank You for making this newspaper, and letting me be a part of this community.
Kelly Lowe
i really miss reading the rolling thunder now i have moved back to england
well, its been a while so i thought i would say hi. its so long since ive read the rolling thunder. i really do miss newport, but im happy here. well take care everyone
Saint Albans
the site looks nice been a long time since i saw it--great job--and hello to my favorite peps--u know who u are
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