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Karson Austin
Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan
I was surprised to find the Rolling Thunder online !! I'm originally from Harmony, Maine and used to pick through the Rolling Thunder on a regular basis. I've been away from Maine for 12 years now, mostly in Southwest Asia. It's great to read about back home from so far away. It makes me forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city and remember the quiet days back in Maine. Good luck on the continuing of the Rolling Thunder !! Karson Austin, Tokyo, Japan.
well, i am now living in sanford maine...its not fun, but ill live..
too bad i cant read the rolling thunder anymore!
thx, i loved hocus focus growing up
Kaceyyy ,McNallyyy, Carissaaa Parkinsss
Hey! I <3 Rolling Thunder Express
Marilyn Maier
Hi Folks, we are spending the winter in sunny Florida, see you all in the Spring, if there is one.
Victor T
San Francisco, CA
This message is for Jeanne Merrill: Did you attend Northeastern University in Boston around 1984? I've been trying to track-down an old college friend with your name. Her home-town was in Connecticut. If so, PLEASE write to me at: victorctam@yahoo.com.
LaShawn Neighbors
Hot Springs
I am looking for Tamara Garrett who lives(d) in this area. She is a graduate of Nokomis Regional High School. Please call at 501-922-6176.
Nokomis Key Club
Newport, ME
The Rolling Thunder has been very vital to the sucess of our group this year; they have been great about giving us, the Nokomis Key Club (a non-profit high school community service group) article space which prepared everyone for our can drive on Halloween.

The Nokomis Key Club is currently planning an event for May which will be carnival-style and take place all day. Fun for all ages, entertainment, food, and completely non-profit! All proceeds benefiting deserving charities from the most local to the international and everything in between! Local vendors are invited to contact us at nrhkeyclub@gmail.com or by calling Nokomis High School if they wish to sell their products at this event.
Jeanne Merrill
Searsport, Me
Horace McKenney's family:
Raymond Mills, now of Searsport, wishes to express his condolences to Horace's family. Dad told me many stories about his friendship with Horace. They were in the Odd Fellows together and no doubt played many, many card games after the meetings. Dad dearly cherished Horace's friendship.
Sincerely, Jeanne Merrill,
Kim Sinclair
Hudson, NH
Lived in the stetson area for 15 years go back not as often as I like but read the express every week online and that brings me back. Keep up the great work and Thanks
Alleyne & Deborah
Long Island, NY
All our love and Respect to you.
You are in our thoughts always.
Gwen (Dean) Robb
Greenwood, SC
I grew up in Pittsfield Love reading the paper to see what's happening back in the area. Tends to make me a little homesick.
Not only do I look at the Rolling Thunder online but also read the paper I enjoy the news thanks for the great work you all do.
Jamie Kennedy
Sumterville, FL
Even after I moved to another state I find myself comming back to read The Rolling Thunder Express Online.
Sonya (Smith) Pingree
Albuquerque, NM
I love logging onto the Rolling Thunder online and being able to see what's going on back home. Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
Alex Bisset
Merry Christmas and "thanks" to all our service men and women.
Tammy Rolfe
Merry Christmas to everyone in Pittsfield and the surrounding towns.
Natasha Morrison
well, i dont kno what to say now....just that i still love this paper..
Tattoo Joe
Thanx for a great paper!!!!!
I love this paper, im always looking forward to looking through it every mondays, and i love looking at the horoscopes. Everyone thinks its funny that i do, but i dont care. and i would like to say. I love you joshua Johnson.
Barbara Merrill Canady
Jacksonville, NC
Formerly of Newport, Maine, I enjoyed looking at the paper. It was nice to be able to recongnize some names.
Jason Clukey
Saying hello to friends and family from Balad Air Base, Iraq. This web site brings your mind to peace when you are away. Anyone who wants to write ill try and write back.

A1C Jason Clukey
332 AEW / 4 EFS
APO AE 09315-9997
Gary Vachon
Hi, Really enjoy reading your paper and it's nice to have it delivered right to the front doorstep also :) Thank you from: lead guitarist of the "3Horsemen" and some of my original's at: www.sonicgarden.com
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