Rolling Thunder Express Guestbook
Janice Tucker
Attle. Mass
I love to read your paper when I am visiting at my daughter's home in Troy so she got me your e-mail to enjoy the paper at home. Keep up the good work . Thank you Janice Tucker
Allen Graves Jr.
Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia
It is nice to be able to read home town news from Saudi Arabia where I am stationed with the military! Keep up the good work.
Carolyn Burton
This is now my home page.
Tammy Burrill
Witchia Falls, TX
Glad that you are online now. My mom usually mails them here. Now at the touch of a button I can see what is going on there. Like to say hi to everyone at the paper.
Leslie Berryman
This is wonderful...being able to read your paper like this...even though I receive it on a weekly basis...Now I have the opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy your paper and look forward to Mondays...imagine that ...looking forward to Mondays...Each and every one of you should be proud of the fantastic jobs that you do..Have a wonderful day...ALWAYS
Leslie Berryman
Kay Gray
Beautiful page. This is fabulous, I can keep up with local news right on my computer! Thanks, and best wishes with this page.
D. Duncombe
Great idea , keep up the good work!!!!!
Nice work.
Ken Allen
Farmington, NY
Very Interesting Website. Nice to see the information and layout. Keep up the great work.
Alden Schmitz
Bellevue, Nebraska
My wife, Corinne (Weed) and I live in Bellevue, Nebraska. We grew up in Corinna in the 40s and 50s. This is another nice way to keep in touch with old friends.
Larry & Julie Edmonson
Linden, Virginia
Get well soon. To Bob Randall. We love you and hope to see you out of the hospital soon!
Jay and Sonja
Congrats to all the staff!!!! We both love to read the express every week and now we can click on anytime. Nice job and best of luck.......
Charlotte Lile
Congratulations! It is great to be able to read this on line. I am enjoying the new site very much.
Frank & Lee McCartin
Good Luck with the online version of your newspaper. We read it every Monday, but it's nice to know we can get it online too!
Roy Prue, Jr.
Brian Barrows
Very well done! I enjoy the information and the pleasant
design/layout of the website. I just want you folks to know that I
appreciate all of your hard work that you have done over the years
to make the paper what it is (wonderful). Now you have succeeded
in the next milestone and brought your paper on-line! Kudos!
Bill -&- Connie Toce
Where real happy your online now. We've moved to Flordia and can
still see whats going on in our old town. Thanks!
Don Hallenbeck
Dear Rolling -&- thundering, Just checked you guys out on line from
Pittsfield Public Library. Site looks good. Maybe Scoop Anderson will
post an E-mail Address for her friends at Pittsfield Public Library. I
expect the Egg Festival Committee -&- the Historical (or
Histerical)Society might be makeing use of your on-line edition.
Historically Yours, Don Hallenbeck
Bernard -&- Pat
This is great news to our ears and eyes!!! Now we will be able to enjoy
our local news and keep abreast of what's happening at home in Maine
while we stay warm in the South.
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