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yer boy
The back in the day photo spot is a great idea. I hope more send in submissions like these that add so much forgotten color to the small Maine towns many call home.
Mat Neal
My grandfather(Everett Neal) and great-grandmother(Phyllis Bickford) are in the Obituaries. Check them out! They were cool!
Ann Malone
Boston, MA
I grew up in Maine but have been living in Boston for the past 20 years. I just discovered the Rolling Thunder was on-line. I enjoy reading it but it does make me feel a little homesick. I miss my family and hope all is well.
Cape Coral, Fl.
Love reading this online. Makes me think of great memories from the north woods.
Donald Dodge
May God Bless And Keep You In His Love Each And Every Moment.
Sharon Curtis
On December 13, 1995 a gentleman from Harmony spotted a house fire on Route 220 in Detroit, knocked on the door, and aroused the woman from inside who had no idea her home was in flames. That woman was my mother, Florence Howe. Family members would like to say thank you to the kind citizen. Although it has been almost twelve years family members still talk about him and some would like the opportunity to say "Thank You" in person. If you are this person, or if you know who it was, please contact us. Thanks for your help
Jerry Patterson Sr.
Hi to everyone from Dexter and beyond! My wife, Lynda Hartford - Patterson, is very ill and would love to receive cards, letters, e-mails, etc. to help get her mind off the terrible pain that she is in constantly. Her e-mail address is jelyn_10691@yahoo.com. If you want to send a card or letter through the postal service, e-mail me and I will send you the address. Any suggestions on how to start a fundraiser type of thing to grant her a final wish (cruise) would be greatly appreciated also.
Thank you all,
Jerry Patterson Sr.
Nichole Smith
Nashua NH
I miss Maine so much, but every Monday morning gives me a little taste of home. I love it, keep it going.
Roxie DuMont
Detroit, Maine
I was surprised to view the guestbook and see my ol friend. Cherly Gallant has been here. I remember the days she and her family would go round town delivering the Thunder. Seems like a life time ago...Cheryl, if you read this gimme a yell. We miss your happy face being around!
Nathan and Chelsea Harth
We currently reside in Texas at Ft. Hood. Nathan is a Military Intelligence Soldier in the Army. Chelsea and I could not be happier but we miss the great state of Maine.
Good list of classifieds this week!
Life in japan would be horrible without the thought of one day coming back To a cup of Coffee at Nettie's Restaurant and reading the Rolling Thunder.
DeAnna Drew
Standish, Maine
I used to live in Corinna and I enjoy being able to access your newspaper through the online service. It keeps me up to date with the going ons in that area as I still have alot of friends and family up there. I used to advertize in your paper for years when I had my De's New & Used Group Shop in Corinna. You always gave exceptional service.
Thank you again.
Amy Gauvin
Hi everyone, I am looking for anyone from class of 95. from guilford.
Big Al
Worc. Mass
Let me start by offering my ondolences to the family of the lost of Mr Ralph Berg whom I was lucky enough to meet on my first visit to Maine aprox 7 years ago.I just now(4-26-07) was informed of such.That is also when I got my first copy of The Rolling Thunder Express pointed out to me by Mr Berg. My wife and I ALWAYS enjoy the cartoon andthe Hocus-Focus. Our dream since my first visit there is to buy a place and move there and that hopefully WILL be happening by next spring the latest. I to say, a GREAT little paper.May your future be a good one.
I love this paper! You guys put it together so well! Me and my man look forward to gettin it on Mondays! Love you Rob
Naples, Florida
Looking for Class of 1997 to organize our 10 year reunion.
Please go to this site - http://nokomis.alumniclass.com/
Preston Willey
Haines City, Florida
Love reading this online and keeping up with things back home. I finally made it back to Maine after 22 yrs this past August for a week's visit and again in late December early January to get married. It was great. Things have changed so much that I hardly knew what things were. (couldn't remember where I was most of the time..lol) The town is growing nicely, but the downtown area still looks the same. Thank God yall have a Walmart...dont know what I would have done..haha. Well back to the beautiful weather here is Florida..Take Care everyone!
Lois Rowe
Just wanted to leave a quick note that if your organization or club would like to have a fundraising food booth or game booth at Dixmont's Bicentenniel Celebration on August 25, 2007, you can contact me at Lrowe@uninets.net. Thanks!
David Howe
Willimantic, Ct
To all family and friends of Maerice Howe.

Mom passed away this week and the memories of Newport on Rowe Farm and the old diner back in the early 60's she worked at will last a lifetime.

David Howe
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