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The efforts of Goodwin Gilman of Newport, class of 1954, led to the Newport High's Annual Alumni Meeting to once again, be held at Newport's Armory, where many former Newport High events took place throughout the years. The school's banners in blue and white greeted nearly one hundred fifty alumni and guests. Association president Arthur Strout, class of 1958, named those serving as officers, plus those on executive and scholarship committees, noting that Philip, Jr. and Barbara McKenzie Brown of Newport, both class of 1966, have served on the scholarship committee for over thirty years. Linda Emery Holmes, class of 1965, read the names and class years of the forty-one alumni, who the association had leaned had passed since last year's gathering. This year's honored classes were those ending in two and seven. Present to be recognized for having graduated seventy-five years ago was Muriel Boylan, who graduated in 1942. Two males represented the class of 1947, also recognized for graduating seventy years ago. The oldest attending was Barbara (Gordon) Nickerson Davis from the class of 1940 who graduated seventy-seven years ago. Traveling the farthest was Bobby Cowan, Class of 1958, from Florida. Newport High "Livewire" year books for 1924-1928 are still needed; other years are at Newport's Cultural Center. The Alumni Association administered five $500 scholarships. Relatives of alumni named 2017 scholarship recipients were: Missy Pitcher whose grandfather is William Condon, class of 1968; Alexander Baird whose grandmother is Shirley McAtee Dunivan, class of 1953; Olivia Brown whose grandparents are Bruce & Melissa Davis Brown, class of 1968; Alyssa Vance whose grandfather is David Vance, class of 1963 and Dana Grass whose grandparents are Michael, Sr. and Patricia Curtis Grass, classes of 1961 and 1959. Financial Secretary Sharon Emery Corson, class of 1966, recognized alumni for early pre-registrations. She asked any alumni willing to chair or be on a committee to have an association float with a water theme in next year's "Riverwalk Festival to let other alumni know. Next year's alumni event will occur Saturday, August 4th of 2018, when classes ending in three and eight will be honored. The business meeting ended with the singing of the 1936 school song led by Betty Strout Avery, Class of 1955. Dance music was provide by the Ray Stafford Trio.