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The Town of Pittsfield is preparing for their Bicentennial Celebration with a number of community events leading up to the town’s 200th year celebration. Attention new parents would you or a family member like to write your “Bicentennial Baby” a confidential and personal note that will go into the time capsule? For example, you can tell your little one how much you love them, why you came to Pittsfield, what life was like in 2019 and why you chose to raise them here. Drop-off your sealed letter to the Pittsfield Town Office or Pittsfield Public Library and it will be placed in the time capsule to be open in 50 years. For more information contact the Bicentennial Committee on Facebook at Town of Pittsfield Maine Bicentennial ( Curious about upcoming events, feel free to stop by the Bicentennial Headquarters on Main Street in Pittsfield (next to Stan's) on Wednesdays from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM to purchase buttons, coins, plus much more. For more information visit or visit