Your "Good News" Online Paper for Community and Commerce

By Mary L. Patterson

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It was a windy October night,
The rain was coming down –
Slashing against the windows
Limbs hitting the ground.

I could hear the trees cracking
From under the heavy load,
Vehicles were being stranded
Avoiding debris in the road.

I was concerned for the people
Who would be without power.
There’d be no lights or heat
Where would they go at this late hour?

As I drove in my car
I knew without a doubt
With the trees and wires hanging
I’d have to take another route.

I prayed to God to guide me
As I drove down the darkened road,
To help me find my way
For I could get safely home.

Then my prayers were answered –
Through the dark I saw some lights.
It was the crew from Central Maine Power –
Oh, what a hopeful sight!

I heard there were many workers
From Canada and other states
That had left their safe homes,
Their children and their mates.

As I drove past the crewmen
And the flashing lights
I asked God to protect them
As they worked through the night.
I thank all the people for working
Every day and hour
So we, the people in Maine,
Could get back our power.