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Lights, Camera and Action returns to Nokomis Regional High offers a day of workshops, rehearsals, and a performance on Thursday, February 21st (snow day Friday, February 22nd). Youth, grades k-12 will be taught by qualified and enthusiastic instructors on a wide variety of fun topics. Arts, athletics, authorship, acting, cooking, technical production and music are just some of the options offered. LCA will be an amazing adventure of workshops for your child. Join the "Closing Act" performing and watch your child and seasoned musicians and entertainers starting at 6:30 PM. (Grades k-3 perform near 12 PM). Participants in Lights, Camera, and Action set to take place in Nokomis Regional High.
Faculty from 2017 included volunteers employed by, associated with, from…. Colby College, Boston Conservatory of Music, Waterville Opera House, Lakewood Theater, Julliard School, Nokomis High School and Maine Central Institute. Faculty has come from New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, Canada and all over Maine. Visit for more information. Students from kindergarten to third grade will learn about the many aspects of theatre arts, develop valuable life skills and produce a charming presentation through a half-day series of workshops led by professionals from around the State of Maine. The classroom-based workshop structure promotes self-expression, critical thinking, creativity, literacy skills, and teamwork while the students prepare and practice for a noontime presentation. Their production will reflect Magic School Bus. Students from grades 4-12 will choose their classes early in February for five hours of workshop training and fun. Four additional hours of rehearsal and performance are included. The 4-12 students will conclude the day with the "Closing Act", an evening performance at Nokomis Regional High involving workshop participants and special guests. Closing Act Performance will begin at 6:30 PM. Recommended donation to watch the performance is $3 per person. The schedule was as follows: Thursday, February 21st (Snow date 2/22); Grades k-3: 8 AM to1 PM; Grades 4-12: 8 AM to 7:30 PM; Doors open at 7:30 AM; Classes begin 8 AM; Lunch and Dinner will be available and is included in your registration fee. You may also pack a lunch and dinner. No nuts, please. Gluten-free choices will be available. All activities take place at Nokomis Regional High at 266 Williams Road in Newport.