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Do enjoy spending time with children, having a flexible work schedule, working in a professional environment? Have you ever wondered what it’s like, will students behave, or do I need a college degree? Then this is the workshop for you. It will include lots of open discussion and a chance to get your questions answered. Walter Boomsma, a well-known and battle tested substitute teacher and author of the book “Small People--Big Brains” will lead this informal workshop and discussion regarding what it’s like to work in a school environment. The workshop will run for approximately one hour and light refreshments will be served on Tuesday, December 4th from 7 to 8 PM. The workshop will be held at the Warsaw Middle School, Learning Commons in Pittsfield. If you would like to attend this fun and lively workshop contact 487-5107 or email For more information go to: or Mr. Boomsma’s Facebook page.