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By  Rhonda Stark, Town Manager, St. Albans

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This year’s Summerfest is dedicated to Stacey A. Desrosiers, St. Albans Town Clerk and Registar of Voters from May 11, 1992 to March 2, 2018. In 1974, she and her husband Al decided to move to Maine to live off the land. They soon learned it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be, but decided it was a great place to live and chose to stay and start a family. They raised their children Justin and Sarah here in this community. Stacey held several jobs before taking the position of Town Clerk and finding her true calling. For nearly twenty-six (26) years she cared for and gave her all to the citizens of this town, she was the face of St. Albans.
Not only did she perform all the duties that fall under the title of Town Clerk and Registar of Voters, but she headed up the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas giving programs. She helped when and where needed during the Summerfest activities, she still served on the Town’s Cemetery Committee. She was a member of the Board of Directors at Fair Haven Terrace. She served on the Town Hall Renovations Committee and on the Bicentennial Committee. She is past board member of the Tri Town Food Cupboard. When her children were young she was a member of the PTA an active fund raiser for the school and the various activites they were involved with. The Summerfest Committee chose Stacey for the 2018 dedication and as the Grand Marshal not just because of her years as Town Clerk, but because of the way she showed her true dedication to the community in so many ways. Thank you Stacey, for being you!