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Lucas Thompson shot his first deer on Saturday, October 20th, 2018, a 5 point buck that weighed 132 pounds. He went hunting with his dad, Steve in Knox. He is the son of Steve and Stephanie Thompson.

Sisters Shopia and Mia Nguyen caught their first brook trout while ice fishing with their grandparents Shawn and Debra Burdin of Dexter. The pair caught their trout at Drummond Pond in Abbot, a Special Opportunity Water in Maine. Special Opportuntiy Waters are open to fishing only for persons under 16 years of age or persons holding an eligible complimentary fishing license. Sophia and Mia are from Weslaco, Texas.

Abigail Sinclair shot her first deer on Friday, November 17, 2017, a 2 point buck that weighed 120 pounds. She went hunting with her uncle Randy Ogden in Dexter. She is the daughter of Jim and Melissa Sinclair. She used her great grandfather Walter Lewis Ogden 30/30 gun.