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Because I don't have television of any kind, I miss a lot of TV and entertainment related stuff that is going on. T o be honest, I don't think I really miss anything worth knowing about, but that's just me.
I do listen to National Public Radio in my car, however, and it has come to my attention that there is some big brewhaha going on about Hollywood and diversity and boycotting the Oscars or something.
There seems to be a lot of carrying on about it amongst people who generally like to carry on about things anyway with dramatic effect with a bunch of yammering about diversity and racism and sexism and undoubtedly 3 or 4 other “isms” of one kind or another. I lose track after awhile.
The thing that gets me about all this is the fact that why would anyone, with even just a handful of functioning brain cells, who is living on this planet, in this dangerous world, care, even for a moment about issues important to a bunch of people making insane amounts of money playing pretend? I just don't get it.
Climate change is frightening, animals are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, we have poisoned ourselves with pollution and our own food, terrorism is daily, babies of desperate refugees seeking to escape unfathomable conditions are washing up on beaches in the Mediterranean, campus and military rape is getting to be an extra-curricular activity, by the middle of the century there will be 11.5 billion not particularly lovely people on this earth and the oceans will be more plastic than actual ocean. Having said that, why would I spend one millisecond taking seriously the “issues” of a bunch of silly, self-aggrandizing, egomaniacs who think what they do has any more depth and meaning than a bunch of guys with red noses and big feet rolling out of a clown car at the circus? Seriously.
Personally, I couldn't care less about Hollywood, any celebrity or what they do, the trends, the issues, or anything else. As far as I'm concerned the idiot public who worships them makes it possible for them to earn absolutely obscene amounts of money for playing make believe and pretending to be other people, an extremely limited range of ability and, although, sometimes entertaining, otherwise useless when applied to real issues and the world. It isn't that I don't think all people should get a fair shake at anything they choose to do, I just can't take seriously a bunch of people who think they are worth far more than they actually are to the world wining about who gets to play Peter Pan in Never, Never Land. Really? Who cares? Frankly, you people contribute absolutely nothing of any real value to the world so how you pull that off is meaningless. I don't care if you guys get a fair shake at celebrity fame and fortune and can't imagine why anyone else does. There are far more deserving people out there working hard for a foothold, not sitting in a luxury trailer on their cell with their agent boohooing about how deprived and cheated they are.
I know I'm hard on celebrities but the simple fact is they are silly people who annoy me and the fact that Americans seem to have some kind of near godlike heroes out of them makes me cringe. I can't bring myself to care on iota about their ridiculous industry, their diversity issues, whatever they may be, or anything else that they seem to think people who are not them ought to care about. I don't. I couldn't care less what color they are, what race, what ethnicity, what gender, or anything else about them. They are all just more clowns in the circus in my world surrounded by a bunch of people who's sole talent appears to be the ability to contort themselves into some weird position in order to take a picture of their own rear end, and therefore, best ignored.
I realize that Hollywood is famous for being the trend setting vortex of the universe, and that it is now “trendy” to boycott the Oscars, but I have news for those cutting edge trendy guys, I've been doing it for years.

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