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It is common knowledge among those of us who have walked upon this planet for longer than a good night's sleep that love can make you stupid. Sometimes love can make people a little stupid and sometimes it can make people so stupid that it is a miracle that they are able to successfully figure out which shoe goes on which foot.
I have a couple of young people who work for me who formerly impressed me as being rather bright young things who appeared to hold some real potential to get even brighter. Then they fell in love, which caused them to almost immediately become so stupid that they can't get out of their own way.
I have no problem with love – love is grand, love is ecstasy, love is peachy. It's stupid that bothers me. Stupid is annoying.
I don't really get why love should make people stupid. I would like to think that if you are with the right person love should make you smarter. At the very least it should make you less stupid, not more. In the case of the two young people in question, while they started out with all the qualities of reasonably intelligent individuals, as a couple their brains seem to have melted into some kind of goo and leaked out of their skulls, forming a greasy puddle around their feet. They started out perfectly nice young people who worked hard and could be counted upon to be self-motivated and make good decisions, built their little cocoon of love, crawled into it, and ultimately emerged having metamorphosized into a pair of utterly useless and mind-boggingly stupid butterflies. Go figure.
I suspect that in the world created by some people I would find this young love story all heartwarming and sigh-enducing, but I just find it annoying and inconvenient. It might make me feel all sunshine and roses if the power of their love had made them both smarter, or even no less smart than they started out, but the reality is that at this point, together, they can barely form one not completely stupid person and it is irritating.
If I think back over my youth I can recall love making me stupid but not in this way. I didn't lose any of the abilities I already had or unlearn anything I already knew, I found some all new ways to be stupid that made me an idiot but allowed me to still have the ability to walk and chew gum.
Ah, well...perhaps age and experience have made me less tolerant of stupid love. It certainly has made me less enthralled by it. I don't necessarily think a little dose of realism in these matters is such a bad thing. If the rate of failed relationships is any indication, everyone could stand a little common sense sprinkled into their romance soup. Truthfully, I have been around a long time and lived a lot of life and I honestly don't see this particular relationship ending well. This makes me a little sad, since I am fond of both the principals, but life is a bumpy road at the best of times and there is nothing like the potholes on the road to love, true or not, that can thoroughly destroy an axle or knock off a muffler. There is absolutely nothing to be done to head it off, of course, since one of the primary attributes of stupid love is becoming completely blind and stone deaf. There is no point in issuing warnings to either of them since they will only end up ignoring them all and then hating me for trying to stomp on their happiness.
Besides, any negativity will just be like throwing fuel on the stupid fire. Nothing pumps up the love flame like someone telling them what they have going is not absolutely the most perfect, true, Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra greatest love story ever, ever in the history of the world. When folks go love stupid they do it with everything they've got.
True love is a beautiful thing. I don't believe I ever found it personally, but I have witnessed it in my life and both my older children have found it, so I know it when I see it. I might not be able to claim any first hand experience with it, but I am an observant person and there is one thing I can say about every single case of true love I have ever known – as far as I could see, it never made anyone that stupid.

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