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If the news is any indication of anything, and I have my doubts about that, we are already headed into the miserable, drawn-out, nasty horror of people seeking the highest office in the land again, way sooner than we need to and it looks to be even more of the same ridiculous madness that it was the last time.
We should all know what to expect by now, someone throws their hat into the ring and a bunch of people immediately start trying to put the hat through a shredder. Then they throw their hats into the ring and someone else goes after them. It is utterly exhausting and completely barbaric and all we can do as the suffering public is groan and wish someone would make some new rules. Why can't we do what England does – only 6 weeks of campaigning allowed and then it's time to cast your vote? That seems like plenty of time to me and we only have to put up with 6 weeks of torment rather than 16 months of it. I suspect that most people make up their minds about who will get their vote long before 6 weeks are up, anyway. At the end of more than a year of listening to all the yammering, lying, bad acting, and vicious attacks I just want all of them to be kidnapped by aliens or disappear into some other dimension. I really don't want to vote for any of them, I just want them all to go away.
I told my 20 year old son that I plan on not bothering to vote this year because I believe none of them, trust no one, and am sick to death of the entire business. He immediately launched into that, “..your duty to vote as a citizen, blah, blah, you can't complain if you don't vote, blah, blah, and blah” speech that sanctimonious defenders of the system love to trot out as some sort of instruction in morality. They love going on about 'duty' as if it were actually something any of the people running for anything actually care about. I've been around and voting for a long time and as far as I can discern they mostly care about acquiring power and money and receiving really expensive “gifts”, (read 'bribes). From the lobbyists of wealthy corporations like all paid vacations in Costa Rica and offices that look like obscenely extravagant British manor houses. The truth of this is ridiculously easy to find, just look at what they were worth going into office versus what they are worth when they leave office. Only a fool would believe that the vast difference in personal wealth came from whatever we pay them.
“Look,” I told my son, “I've been voting for a long time and I can't honestly say that I think my vote ever made a particle of difference. Nothing ever changes, not really. Not one of those guys is really different from all the other guys, not enough to enact substantial change. It all just keeps rolling along the way it always has with politicians distracting a gullible public with a lot of smoke and mirrors and whipping the mob into a frenzy over some stupid issue that has nothing to do with anything meaningful while they go about the business of making themselves and their friends richer. I'm done with it. I refuse to vote for one more clown in an expensive Armani suit who hasn't got an ounce of actual integrity or honor.”
“Whoa, Mom. Angry much?” my son asked.
“More like disgusted much,” I told him. “Disgusted, fed-up, annoyed, sick to death, and tired of the whole vile, hateful, ugly, meaningless circus. Not a one of them are going to address the issues I care about so none of them are getting my vote. They will just go on and on about stuff that appeals to people's fears or ignorance while completely ignoring the fact that the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly devastating, we are running out of clean water, deforesting the vital rain forests, forcing the creatures of the planet into extinction, destroying the fragile ecosystem, creating a base population of poor and uneducated, and the one, most important issue that is causing all the other issues, rapidly populating ourselves off the planet. Instead they will just continue to find as many ways as possible to make themselves and their pals as rich as possible during their time in office, promote policy based on their alleged personal belief systems that appeal to people's emotions, and generally keep pushing the envelope of our destruction. The worst part is that a huge portion of the population will just keep buying into whatever hooha they keep yammering about despite the fact that none of it will matter when half the world dries up like a prune, disappears under the ocean, or just disintegrates into a mayhem of death and destruction. All the emotional issues people make a big deal about won't matter much when they can't get a drink of clean water”
“Mom,” said my son. “That is really bleak.”
Maybe it is, but I'm tired of years of nothing and no one worth voting for. I told my son that I used to be hopeful and believe that I was voting for change, but it mostly just turned out to be more of the same. I also told him that he should keep hoping, because he is young and hope is eternally young, and just because I'm tired and ready to fold my cards and leave the game doesn't mean he should. The world, whatever becomes of it, will belong to him and his contemporaries. I just wish we were leaving them with better cards to play.
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