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As I have aged I have found that many things don;t bother me as much as they used to, and it has become far easier to ignore the things that do. Even things to which I once had passionate reactions seem far less worth the effort than they used to. They say that people often mellow as they get older, and I guess that is true about me at any rate. I know some people who don't appear to have mellowed an iota since they were young, but fortunately, I have become much better at not paying any attention to them when they fly off the handle.
All this mellowing does not mean that there are not things that still annoy me – there are. Oddly, they tend to be small things which might seem somewhat inconsequential in the big picture. In fact, some them are inconsequential even in the small picture.
I still get annoyed when people don't close cupboard and dresser drawers. Refraining from closing a cupboard door always strikes me as laziness times ten thousand. Why is it so impossible for some people to shut a door or push in a drawer? Do they use up all their available energy opening them up and just can't muster the strength to shut them again? My two sons did this frequently as teenagers and it drove me batty. There was never a time when I walked into their rooms and didn't find at least on drawer in their dressers open. I remember coming home from work once during a school holiday and finding that every single cupboard door in the kitchen was open. I toyed with the idea of just getting the power drill and removing every single door in an effort to make a dramatic point, but I abandoned that idea when I realized that they would probably think it was a great idea since it would save them from having to actually open the cupboards in the first place. Making them happy was not my goal.
Dishes lying around where no dishes should be is another small thing that I find terribly annoying, particularly since it is a sure bet that the dish has been sitting there, waiting for someone to take it into the kitchen for a long time. Mathematically, you could probably work out how many trips were taken to the kitchen during the time the dish sat there, but it would probably be a number that would be really depressing.
I know it is unpopular, but I find motorcycles annoying. They are noisy and dirty and I get really annoyed when people on them feel entitled to weave in and out of traffic at breakneck speeds because they are sitting on a scooter on steroids. I suspect that they are trying to make some point when they do this, but it is utterly lost on me. Personally, I find them about as interesting as mosquitoes and just as annoying.
I confess that I often find the Internet annoying. The Internet, though useful, is often like an incredibly popular best seller that is nonetheless, incredibly bad. Nothing, including the Internet, is good just because it is popular. In fact, that is often an indication that it is largely mediocre and appeals to the lowest common denominator of anything. Fortunately, because I refuse to use the operating system on my computer that pretty much everyone else uses, I manage to control and avoid some of the more horrendously annoying aspects of the Internet. If I couldn't, I would probably use it a lot less than I do.
I love music but I find a lot of popular music annoying. Modern singers who find it necessary to meander through an entire octave of ascending scales before actually hitting a note really annoy me. I like a good voice but I can't really stand unnecessary vocal calisthenics. It always sounds to me as if they are having a bit of difficulty finding the right note.
I don't have television but I am pretty certain that over 50% of the current programming assumes that I have some interest in the bad behavior of “real” people and the trials, tribulations, and romantic adventures of teenagers. I'm not. Really. Every time I am somewhere where there is a TV on I am reminded of what an excellent choice it was to get rid of it. I like not having it around to annoy me.
In the main, these small annoyances don't carry a lot of weight in, nor are particularly meaningful in my existence. It is amazing how easy it would be to avoid most of them if I really wanted to. All I would have to do is live alone with no television, never go online, never turn on the radio, and stay off the roads during good weather.
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