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It didn't take me long in life to realize that people generally believe whatever it is that they want to believe regardless of mountains of proof to the contrary. This kind of relative reality seems to be a significant aspect of the human condition and almost impossible to counteract if people are really determined. People believed that the world was flat for a long, long time and it took a great many years to convince anyone that it wasn't even though people had been circumventing the planet for awhile without falling off into nothingness. Once people get something in their heads it takes quite a bit of long term torque to pry it out.
This kind of bending of reality doesn't just exist about large scale things, like the earth being flat or the center of the solar system. Try convincing someone who thinks that they are in love that the object of their affection is a manipulative troglodyte. No matter how much proof you can offer you will usually find yourself being characterized as an envious, petty villain rather than a compassionate and caring friend. Best to stay clear away from that stuff.
The funny thing is, we can look back in time and read about the myths, legends, and popular notions of people who died long ago and find it incomprehensible that they could have actually taken any of it seriously. We find ancient people quite funny, silly, ignorant and hopelessly naïve. How could those silly Aztecs believe in a god whose primary function was to hide himself by the side of the road in the shadows of night and jump out and scare people? Crazy. He might seem like a harmless little god except for the fact that he was the cause of several mass genocides and the deaths of thousands during the course of his career. Even when people got fed up with him and killed him his body emitted a poisonous gas that nobody could do anything about because, being a god and all, his corpse was far to heavy to drag out of town so the entire population died. Just goes to show you that while disposing of a god is possible, it is best to have a reliable disposal unit standing by to cart off his remains.
If you spend any time researching various myths and legends you run into all sorts of bizarre stories like that one. There are quite a few creation stories out there that involve quite a bit of violence and some interesting uses of certain body parts that you really might want to skip altogether. Sometimes it is best not to know too much about these things. Far less disturbing, anyway.
There are numerous myths where gods disguise themselves as animals to have forbidden congress with mortal women. This I never understood as logical. I can understand why a god might disguise himself as a tortoise if he wanted to play around with some particularly gorgeous female tortoise he had come across in his travels, but it doesn't seem very smart to disguise yourself as a handsome tortoise if you were hoping to make time with a really hot emu or something. Cross species seduction hardly ever works that well. Zeus, the Greek God of frequent philandering, disguised himself as a bull, a swan, and a shower of gold to spend some romantic time with human women. Personally, and speaking as a woman, this wouldn't have worked with me, although a shower of gold might have its uses.
The Nordic God of Mischief, Loki, once disguised himself as a female horse to distract some evil, killer type horses away from Asgard and ended up giving birth to a six legged foal as a result before he could turn back into his usual form. I guess he had to do some really serious distracting to save the day that time. In the end he gave the youngster to Odin, the head Nordic God Honcho, which seems reasonable. What else was he going to do with it? Raise it as his own son and start saving to send it to college?
We study these myths and sometimes wonder what kind of drinking or imbibing of other substances might have been going on with the people who dreamed them up. Having them not make any sense is one thing, having them bend our minds into pretzels is another. On the other hand, we kind of have to ask ourselves, 1000 or 2000 or even 3000 years from now, will the survivors of what whatever apocalypse you happen to believe in learn about our own beliefs and find them utterly ridiculous? It could happen.
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