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So, the government is all shut down. There seem to be some people who are all happy about that. Personally, I just find it really stupid and annoying, not to mention a little insane. The whole business is a little surreal. Like, how is it that a handful of guys who, for some reason, think that everyone having health care, regardless of their financial status, somehow signals the imminent arrival of the apocalypse, have the power to shut down the government of one of the largest countries in the world? That seem a little crazy if you think about it. And these guys seem to be all giggles and joy about having done it. I heard one of them on the radio all excited like it was Christmas and Santa brought him a pony.
Personally, I would not be over the moon because I locked a bunch of people out of their jobs who have families, children, mortgages, and responsibilities to worry about. I have found myself more than once lying in bed at night wondering how I will pay the bills and take care of the people in my life who were counting on me and I wouldn't wish that kind of fear and anxiety on my worst enemy. I suppose that if you are a rich boy congressman sitting in your little congressman club clicking glasses and celebrating with your friends you are way too cool to think about things like that, particularly since you have absolutely no idea what it feels like. If you are going to claim that you are acting in the service of the nation then you have to expect to make sacrifices to the cause and like all leaders and generals in a war, it is invariably someone else who will be making them. I'm sure that their victory celebrations are tempered with their deep sympathy for the workers, the patients with deadly and possibly terminal illnesses who are clinical trials who now cannot get their medication, and all the others who might suffer in some way because the government has taken a hiatus. I'm certain they are all broken up about it.
I have an idea. I think that they should all go home since the government is shut down. Let's face it, it won't change much, really. It's not like they were doing much of anything anyway. In fact, I think it would be a really great idea if they just never came back. They could take nice, permanent vacations with their personal fortunes and kickbacks from corporations and lobbyists and go someplace sunny where the people make 50 cents an hour to serve them drinks with little umbrellas in them by the pool. I'm certain that would make them all very happy. Costa Rica seems to be the current paradise location for politicians these days. Of course, Costa Rica provides universal health care to all its citizens, which just goes to show you what a barbaric and backward nation they are, but that is just the kind of thing that Americans have to tolerate from governments that are not as cool and enlightened as we are. If it is just too much for an honest congressman to bear, they could always plan a trip to Europe or Canada. Hold on, they have universal health care, too. No wonder they are all in such a mess while we are thriving.
Frankly, I can't imagine being more tired of every single politician in the world than I am right now. I cannot lie; I want them all to be quiet and go away, preferably forever. I would love to go to sleep one night and awaken to the news that they had all disappeared mysteriously in the night and could not be found. Maybe aliens could beam them all up to their mothership and whisk them off to a galaxy far, far away. Far, far, far away, even. Into another dimension or alternate universe, maybe. Or a black hole. Not even light can escape from one of those babies.
Politicians like to pull the founding fathers out of the bag whenever they think they can quote or misquote them to serve their agendas, but they never really talk about what they actually did. When they felt that their government was tyrannical, useless, out of control, and not at all concerned with the needs and welfare of the people, they decided to throw out that government, violently and utterly and forever, and they risked everything and started a big old revolution to make it happen. Lincoln was right, you can full some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. When enough of the people get tired of being jerked around all of the time, stuff can happen, and it won't have anything to do with the apocalypse.
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