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No matter how hard I try I can't seem to avoid being inundated by silly stuff in the news. It is just unavoidable unless I were living in a cave in the arctic circle or something. When I read a newspaper – there it is. When I go online to various news sources – there it is. When I'm standing in line to pay for my groceries – there it is. I've decided that my definition of news deviates wildly from the norm since I don't actually think of salacious gossip and the shenanigans of famous people as newsworthy, especially since at least half of it is about people I've never heard of. I realize that I am firmly in the minority on not caring about this stuff and if I wanted to have an opinion on the subject I would have to try and discover why people care so much about it, so I decided to actually read some of these stories and try to understand what is so appealing about them. The experience was bizarre.
The latest hooha seems to be about the young British prince and his wild partying in Las Vegas, complete with fuzzy and silly photographs of him in the nude. The story kind of made me laugh but the comments by people who read it struck me as beyond ridiculous. My first question while reading the account was to ponder why he chose Las Vegas for his fling. Isn't there some nice places on the Riviera or an island somewhere where naughty princes can go to whoop it up with a bunch of nude girls? America is a pretty uptight country, after all, while the French and Italian Riviera is far more apt to be tolerant of the naughty antics of royalty, particularly since its been a long standing tradition for many years there. And where were the cadre of body guards and handlers that usually trail behind people like heirs to thrones? Doesn't the little prince have a score of burly, intimidating guys with microphones stuck in their ears who are paid handsomely to prevent both bodily harm and scandal? Shouldn't they be standing in doorways confiscating cameras, cell phones, and Ipods? I would think that preventing people looking to cash in on the antics of royalty or contemplating the blackmail of the rich and famous was the primary mission of these people and they would have been all over this situation. How hard can it be to check and make sure a nude person isn't carrying a concealed photographic device? Maybe they were naked, too. Thirdly, and most importantly, why does anyone care one way or the other what an army officer in his 20's with limitless funds gets up to while on leave? Did someone get hurt? Is the future of his country now at risk? When was someone that age who is partying in Las Vegas not an idiot?
But, my goodness, the comment section of the article was filled with people with passionate opinions on the silly prince and his silly party as if it had any actual importance in the scheme of things. Some comments were just dismissals of the whole business, which kind of made me wonder why they read the article in the first place. Some were supportive, leave our prince alone, kind of comments from the patriotic but somewhat paranoid group, but most were oozing venom. The prince should be thrown out of the royal family, he is a spoiled rotten party boy with the morals of a snake, he is a disgrace to the military, the nation and the crown, etc, etc. It was crazy. I couldn't imagine how anyone could get themselves so worked up over the antics of any young man anywhere from any family. It isn't like he lied to his family and told them he was going off to Africa to feed some hungry children and then hightailed it off to Las Vegas to find a bunch of brainless party girls and get naked, is it? He didn't lie and say that he was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail and then fly off to visit his mistress in some South American country while leaving his wife and kids at home twiddling their thumbs. As far as I can tell he just did what lots of young men on leave would do. He threw a party and people got naked. Like that never happened before.
Let's be honest here, this silly prince has nothing on his ancestors. In terms of party animals and moral degenerates he is running pretty low on the list. Henry VIII, who was a notorious drinker, eater, and womanizer threw parties back in the day that make this Las Vegas nonsense look like a Bible meeting. Henry II brought over a French princess to marry his son and promptly made her his mistress instead. George III was mad as a rabid badger, George IV was a useless reprobate who partied constantly and hated his wife so much that he banned her from his coronation and like to parade his mistresses around her just to make her mad, and Charles II wasn't called “The Merry Monarch” because he liked to get his friends together and sit around sipping tea and knitting attractive sweater sets. Compared to these guys this current prince is a total light weight. If the British royal family could survive what their ancestors got up to on a regular basis I think they can survive their young prince getting naked at a pool party. Personally, I think the entire monarchy should be disbanded anyway and then what happens in Vegas might actually stay in Vegas.
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