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I am a great believer in home remedies. I even have a journal in which I write down any home remedies that I come across that really work with a section devoted to those that don't work at all in case I try them, forget about them, and try them again. I have found that I have a 75% success rate with most home remedies I have tried, which is nothing to sneeze at if you think about it. I have a special section in my journal for health remedies since I have a personal policy of avoiding medication whenever possible.
I have some home remedies that my mother used when we were growing up. When we had nausea she would let a glass of Coke or Ginger Ale go flat and then give it to us by the tablespoon. I used this method with my own children until I realized that it was the ginger in both products that was doing the job and then I just made them tea with ginger and cinnamon and that combination worked even better. With my youngest Peppermint tea with ginger worked the best.
When my kids had splinters I would take a piece of scotch tape, put it on the splinter, and pull it off before putting a dab of olive oil on the splinter and pulling it out with tweezers. I had a lot of success with this remedy and used it every time. Our best remedy for mosquito bites was straight lime juice mixed with water applied directly to the bite with a cotton ball. Oddly, this really works and greatly reduces the awful itching that occurs later. Mild headaches I treated with 10-12 almonds, which is about the equivalent of two aspirin without all the side effects. It always seemed to work pretty well.
I had a remedy for hangovers that was very popular with those who over-imbibed that was told to me by a 90 year old neighbor I once had. I have never been a drinker but when people I knew had a little too much and felt wretched the next day I would tell them to eat honey on crackers. This sounds bizarre but it works. I once asked a chemist why it worked and he speculated that the natural fructose in the honey and the salt in the crackers interacted to absorb the alcohol in the body. It didn't cure hangovers but it lessened and drastically shortened the duration of misery suffered. Honey has all sorts of amazing properties and is a key ingredient in numerous home remedies for a wide variety of conditions. When my two oldest got pink eye when they were small I simmered one tsp of honey in one cup of water for about 5 minutes, let it cool a little, and had them hold a washcloth soaked in the mixture over their eyes. It always worked. Numerous cultures all across the world have used honey for many things from ancient times. Honey is a natural salve and antibiotic and works well on burns, cuts, and scrapes. I use it for burns to this day.
I have all sorts of household home remedies that I swear by. I have one of those electric home grills with a lid that I like to use but hate to clean. I was always looking for a way to make it easier, less messy, and with better results. I finally tried unplugging the stupid thing after use and putting a wet paper towel on both surfaces. I was delighted to find that when I went to clean it after dinner, it was far easier and came cleaner. Another thing I discovered, quite by accident, was that baby wipes work really well as carpet spot cleaners. I have no idea why this is or what it says about using the things on your baby, but even though the babies are all gone now I still keep them around. They work especially well on any kind of oil stain. One of my absolute favorite home cleaning remedy is for silver. I bought one of those disposable aluminum lasagna pans and place a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom as a boost, then I pour really hot water in the pan, some baking soda, and some salt. All I have to do is place the silver piece in the water and the reaction between the aluminum, salt, and baking soda work to almost immediately pull the tarnish right off the silver. Discovering this home remedy was a boon for me since I detest the smell of silver polish. It always smells like rotten eggs to me. Another great day was when I found a new and better way to clean my microwave. When food splatters in a microwave it immediately just gets kind of cooked on to the inside of the oven and takes on the consistency of cement. I hated cleaning the microwave, especially the top. Now I take a large sponge, soak it in water, and put it in the microwave on high for 2 minutes and let it sit without opening the door for another 5 minutes. It is amazing how much easier it is to clean and the sponge is already in it!
I have had some massive failures with home remedies but while epic, they are not many. For years I have been trying to find the perfect formula for making a natural shampoo at home but for some reason, I just cannot find the perfect formula. I'll keep trying, because I refuse to admit defeat, but until then, I'll just keep on with my old standby, baby shampoo. I am a rabid fan of pure coconut oil for the hair and skin and also use it to cook. When I use it on my skin and hair I like to think that I smell like a beautiful, exotic island in the south seas. My son says I smell like a Waldorf salad. Even honey and coconut oil can't cure a smarty-pants teenager.
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