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Guitarist Denny Breau performs at the Wayside Theatre on Saturday, April 29th at 7 PM. Tickets will cost $10. Baked goods and refreshments will be sold at intermission and there is a door prize and a 50/50 raffle. Doors open at 6:30 PM with no reservations.
Breau first played at the Wayside Theatre in 2014 and is gladly returning. “It’s such an intimate audience and I love connecting with them in a personal way.” Breau also loves the freedom to go wherever the joy and spirit of the moment leads him. “I get to be me.”
Denny greets concert-goers and shakes hands following his performances, guitar players invariably ask how he performs certain techniques and Denny, who has a passion for teaching, is happy to show them. This is especially true when demonstrating the guitar style of Chet Atkins, who was a family friend and major influence. Shows usually include a “smartly executed Chet Atkins medley by Breau who truly does the late Atkins proud,” according to a review in Dirty Linen magazine.

Guitarist, Denny Breau to perform at the Wayside Theatre on Saturday, April 29th.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Denny was born to the instrument on May 26, 1952. His parents, Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody, were popular country performers and RCA recording artists beginning in the 1940s. His older brother, the late Lenny Breau, is considered a jazz guitar giant. A recent Dirty Linen review of Denny’s solo CD of “neighborly song portraits of weathered souls” said that “listening to Denny nimbly bend his acoustic steel strings…one can hear a jazz player’s elegant fluidity.”
Denny is a triple threat: a consummate picker, evocative songwriter, and a singer with a “voice that is warm and inviting but completely unpretentious— much like the singer himself,” according to Lucky Clark. Mainers have long considered Denny a “must –see,” but they are happy to share a favorite son with those “from away.”
This concert is sponsored in part, by Maine Highlands Federal Credit Union. For more information contact Joe Kennedy at 277-3733, Dave Pearson at 924-5035 or Facebook Wayside Grange and Theatre. The theatre is located at 851 North Dexter Road on Route 23 in Dexter.
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